Home» PlayStation Portable» Visual Novel» Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows (USA) PSP ISO. Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows is a Visual Novel video game published by XSEED Games released on January 15, for the PlayStation Portable. This game is about the same characters as last. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (コープスパーティー Book of Shadows Kōpusu Pātī Bukku obu Shadōzu) is the sequel of the Corpse Party survival horror. For the live action movie, see Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Live Action Movie) . . If the player has a previous save from Corpse Party (PSP), they are able to.

Corpse Party Book Of Shadow Psp

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Corpse Party Book of Shadows iso for Playstation Portable (PSP) and play Corpse Party Book of Shadows on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android!. Metacritic Game Reviews, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows for PSP, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is a gory, disturbing and uncomfortably. A series of eight lengthy vignettes expanding and elaborating on the story of the cult horror classic “Corpse Party.” Join the Kisaragi High students once.

An English port for the PC was released on October 29, This game has inspired a manga adaptation, drama CDs, a light novel, a fan book, web radios, an amusement attraction, and a live action movie. Book of Shadows adds new twists and backgrounds for the characters who were barely touched upon in Corpse Party such as Mayu Suzumoto , plus a few details that may be important for eventual sequels.

He tries, in vain, to dissuade his classmates from performing the magic ritual , but he joins them, since he doesn't want to let them go alone. Featuring Naomi Nakashima , the chapter repeats the event in the first chapter of Corpse Party.

However, there is a twist: It features Mayu as she tries to survive in the school and find the others. Yui Shishido is sick, and Satoshi goes to visit her. While he is at her house, Yui has a dream about her time as a student at Kisaragi Academy.

It features Tohko Kirisaki who is looking for an exit, so she and her friends from Byakudan Senior High School can escape. They are going to try and bring back the memories of the ones who died in Heavenly Host Elementary School, since nobody seems to be able to remember them although there are still photos of them, but with faces covered ; or, if they can, to bring them back to life.

Corpse Party - Book Of Shadows

This extra chapter also anticipates a future game, tentatively titled Corpse Party: Blood Drive. This game also now allow players to view CG images, listen to the characters' voices and screams, and listen to the music which you unlock throughout the game.

If the player has a previous save from Corpse Party PSP , they are able to view the CG images from that game, in addition to unlocking the final extra chapter without the need to obtain every wrong end. The main characters include:.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the manga, see Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Manga.

For the light novel, see Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Light Novel. For the live action movie, see Corpse Party: Time has rewound, and Satoshi finds himself the only one who remembers the horrors of Heavenly Host elementary school.

Corpse Party Book of Shadows

But there is a new ray of hope. This time around, they might just have an opportunity…. Follow the group in a replay of their most darkest moments, and watch in horror as things go horribly wrong. Featuring many new characters, and more grotesque deaths and even more frightening moments.

Seven terrifying moments with no room for comfort.

With a new visual novel system making it even harder to navigate and escape, brand new CGs to make you soil your pants, can you trick fate? Can you escape, and stay on the road of sanity?

Try the game out, and see for yourself how deep you can dig your grave. Game Release Info: Japan Languages Japanese Release Date.: PlayStation Portable Format We are looking for talented and motivated new members to help us on our goal. We are a group built on friendship, devotion, respect and fun. If you are interested only in the glory and releases, then you are not welcome.

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Hard work and dedication is what has brought us to where we are today and we aim to continue that method. One time suppliers are not welcome, as a steady and consistent supply is required.

Suppliers must be able to do any of the following systems: Especially for these systems: If you fulfill any of the above criteria and are interested in joining us, or if you want to contact us for any other reason, then feel free to do so. For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section.Book of Shadows - Official Trailer. Sponsor Message: Time has rewound, and Satoshi finds himself the only one who remembers the horrors of Heavenly Host elementary school.

The opening credits set the tone with a pleasant Japanese song playing over a series of vignettes depicting each of the main characters laughing and playing in their school uniforms intercut with their gruesome death scenes. The game was published by 5pb.