(Treasury Rule 29). Challan No. (FPSC'S COPY). Treasury/ Sub-Treasury. Cash paid into the National bank of Pakistan. State bank of Pakistan. About FPSC. A statutory body of the Government of Pakistan, constituted in , functions under the guiding principles of Articles 18, 25, 27, 34, 36, and 38 of. Challan Form - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. fpsc (Pakistan) Application & Challan Form . PTS Directory book.

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . C –Organs of State – Exam Fee Realized by FPSC . Challan-formpdf. CHALLAN FORM. PPSC Challan of Cash Paid in to the. Bank Receipt No. CHALLAN FORM. PROVINCIAL. Treasury/Sub-Treasury. National Bank of Pakistan. Download FPSC Fee Challan Form for FPSC Jobs in Pakistan Fee deposit in Bank; FPSC Jobs Challan form ; FPSC fee Challan form Challan Form in PDF; Federal Public Service Commission Challan Form; Bank.

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Disabled candidates securing a position against prescribed 7. Non-Muslim candidates will not be asked any question regarding Islam. Viva Voce will be of marks. A candidate who fails to physically impaired will be provided helper writer , if they have secure at least marks in viva voce will be considered to have been declared permanently incapacitated w. The result of Viva Voce shall be intimated to all candidates in application form and also requested for provision of helper in their due course of time.

A candidate must satisfy the Federal Public Service Commission uttered by the disabled candidate. The educational level of the helper would Government. The candidates who pass the written examination shall be exam centre.

No request for choicest helper or venue of the exam intimated individually as well as through website but the candidates shall be entertained.

The disabled candidate alongwith helper shall who fail in written examination shall not be informed individually, remain within the examination hall till conclusion of the paper. Decision of the Commission as to the eligibility or otherwise visually impaired Blind candidates. The other categories of of a candidate for admission to the examination shall be final. Maximum number of candidates to be admitted to this examination may, at the discretion of Government, be limited to c :The disabled candidate referred to above vide Sub-Rule a and such number as Government may decide.

Candidates who qualify the written examination will be means including use or attempted use of mobile phone or other medically examined by the Medical Boards constituted for the electronic device for copying, or is found guilty of misconduct purpose.

The result of any candidate, whose candidature is rejected on xix. If Roll No. Candidates must make the Commission. A candidate who has received and read the Question Paper new addresses, when necessary.

However Service Commission. Candidates should not write their postal the candidate will not be allowed to take question paper with addresses care of Post Box Number etc.

Use of of the constitution of Pakistan , non Muslim means a person calculator will not be allowed in the paper of General Science who is not Muslim and includes a person belonging to the Christian, and Ability.

Hindu, Sikh, Budhist or Parci community, a person of the Quadiani xxiv. Only those candidates shall be considered OMR Sheet shall be collected back after the allotted time. No such certificate shall be accepted at into account. The Question Papers in Urdu or other Pakistani xii. Applications of Government Servants will also be governed regional languages Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto and Balochi , by the Government Servants Application for Services and Posts Persian and Arabic should be answered in the respective Rules, except that three chances will be allowed languages.

However, question relating with translation from respective language into English or vice versa, may be irrespective of the provisions of the Government answered as directed in the question paper. Servants Application for Services and Posts Rules, Government servants who fulfill conditions laid down in of Major Religion is to be answered in English or Urdu only.

The Non-Muslim candidates have the option either to take permitted by the competent authority in their departments or Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions. However, an advance copy of the Application may be submitted before the closing date to avoid rejection. Candidates xxviii. Candidates must use blue or black ink only in their who join Government service after submitting their applications for Answer Books otherwise Zero marks may be awarded.

Answer Books in all subjects of examination are xiv. Armed Forces candidates should route their applications confidential documents and cannot, therefore, be permitted to be seen by candidates or their representatives nor re-examination of through proper channel of their Services. A through proper channel will be rejected. Thereafter, no such request will be before the closing date to avoid rejection. A candidate who after submitting such Departmental xxx.

Reevaluation of marks awarded by the Viva Voce Board is permission, joins Civil Service Academy or is transferred to not allowed under any circumstances.

Grace marks are not allowed. Department and submit it to the Commission as soon as possible. Answer books of Candidates will be retained in the office xvi.

A candidate who has left Government service should submit of the Federal Public Service Commission for one year only and thereafter these will be destroyed. A candidate who has been dismissed made within the specified period, thereafter, no request in this from Government or semi Government Service will not be eligible regard will be entertained.

Subject to the Recruitment policy explained in Appendix- examination or selection. III of these Rules, candidates securing the highest places on the combined results of the written Examination, Psychological xxxiv.

Reappearance in examination: If a candidate who took Assessment and Viva Voce and eligible for appointment will be the Competitive Examination wishes to apply for admission recommended by the Commission in order of merit upto the number of vacancies available in each quota.

No candidate will, date without waiting for the result of CE Success in the examination confers no right to appointment. A candidate aggrieved by any decision of the Federal Public only which they indicate in the application form. Candidates will however, be given a chance to revise Commission shall decide the representation within fifteen days after giving the candidate a reasonable opportunity of hearing.

Preferences so revised at the time of viva-voce shall be treated as b. A candidate aggrieved by the decision of the Commission made final and no subsequent change will be allowed under any under paragraph a may, within fifteen days of communication of decision, submit a review petition to the Commission and the circumstances.

The decision of the Commission on review petition shall be final. No appeal against the decision of the rules made hereunder, by the Commission shall be called in Government will be entertained. Once the process of allocation has been accomplished; the d. Any candidate aggrieved by a decision of the Commission vacancies remained unfilled due to non availability of qualified under paragraph b may, within thirty days of the decision, prefer candidates under any quota shall be carried over to next an appeal to the High Court.

Each representation and review petition duly signed will be ii. The Commission shall maintain the waiting merit list till entertained only if accompanied with Original Treasury Receipt of Rs.

The vacancies of non joiner, reported to the Commission after voce is treated as higher in merit. If marks in viva voce are also commencement of CTP shall be carried over to next examination. If marks in compulsory subjects are also iv. Only FPSC is authorized to announce the result.

The Government reserves the right to make any changes to the above rules before finalizing appointment on the basis of this Actual number of vacancies in BS to be filled on the results of this examination will be announced with the approval of the examination.

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The Government, however, reserves the right to fill a smaller or larger number of vacancies than that announced. Note:—This issues with the approval of the Government. In other subjects there will be one paper. Each paper will be of 3 hours duration. However, question relating with translation from respective language into English or vice versa may be answered as directed in the question paper.

CSS Exam 2018: Rules, Eligibility Criteria & Requirements.

All other papers must be answered in English unless otherwise directed in the Question Paper. Contravention of these instructions will result in the cancellation of the papers and award of ZERO marks in the paper s concerned. Rules Code No. The following fees must be paid by the candidates :— B To the Medical Board.

The original copy of the Treasury challan should be iii Rs. Cash, postal time of physical examination of the candidates. Candidates must see by reference to the rules and must decide without paying the prescribed examination fee. Fee once date of the examination. Un-filled vacancies will be carried forward.

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Unfilled vacancies will be carried forward. Sindh Urban refers only to the city areas of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur. Cantonment areas are counted as part of the city. The areas under the Jurisdiction of the District Councils of these district are the rural areas. Having looked on past papers helps students to get an idea of paper's format and also the technique of solving the entire question in the right given time. Post a Job. The advertisement is also shared below for more details.

Group G. The prosecutor is the chief legal representative of the prosecution in countries with either the common law adversarial system, or the civil law inquisitorial system. Looking to hire new staff? The Number of Pakistan population wise: 6th 3.

The required qualification of a recognized institution and the requirement of relevant work experience are the following. How many districts of Punjab: 36 4.

Dogar Brothers utterly provide Best Stuff for your good preparation. D Technician jobs 1 Balochistan Jobs 2 bank 1 bank jobs 3 bank of Khyber 2 Bill Distributor jobs The sample papers for jobs respective of their department of organization are available on our page. Assistant Director Past Papers. Important questions for Assistant director Welfare. Updated December 12, The sample papers for admission tests conducted by colleges and universities in Pakistan are now available for download at the following site: - Sample Papers for Admission Please note that the pattern and composition of papers change quite frequently.To establish a competent, efficient, professional and responsive Public service to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Abid Hussain.

The Commission shall maintain the waiting merit list till entertained only if accompanied with Original Treasury Receipt of Rs. Varun Kumar. Read More A candidate must hold at least a Second Division or date, shall solely lie on the candidate. Select and recommend suitable candidates through a merit-based, transparent and expeditious process to promote excellence, professionalism and competence in Federal Public Service.

Srinivas Chilakamarthi. Separate marks are not examination. There is no need to send documents to FPSC via post and it saves time and money of the applying candidates.